Job description, duties and responsibilities

Are you fascinated by the world of sweet temptation? Do you love that feeling when others melt not only with the delightful taste of your creations but also the overall aesthetic design? Do you believe gastronomy should be done from the heart, because only then can a guest experience something extraordinary beyond their normal routine?

Do you already feel we’re writing exactly about you? We would be glad if you continued reading!

We are looking for a new person to join our successful Mondoux Bistro Network who, like us, has a passion for a healthy diet in their DNA, high standards of quality, and the desire to provide each and every guest with luxury.

What’s involved in our cooperation?

  • You will do what you love most – baking and decorating, mainly cheesecakes and raw cakes (production is in larger quantities)
  • You will be responsible for ordering and recording the ingredients/goods needed for cake production and maintaining production records

What do we offer?

  • A stable background in a growing and leading company
  • Career advancement
  • An opportunity to broaden your knowledge in gastronomy
  • The opportunity to work in an attractive facility in the Old Town

Information about the selection procedure

If you haven’t decided yet, come and see any of ours open facilities.

If you already know that you want to work for us, please send us your CV by email at
[email protected]

How do you know that you’re a Mondoux-positive person with the potential to become our colleague?

  • Your work is not just your work, it’s simply your lifestyle
  • You already have experience baking and decorating
  • You enjoy the company of people (whether your colleagues or guests) and engaging them
  • Few situations get you out of balance, and you can keep your head cool even under stress